Narsingdi Gas Field


                                                                                                     Narsingdi gas field


Narsingdi gas field is located in the Shibpur upazila under Narsingdi district adjacent to the Dhaka-Sylhet highway about 45 km away of northern most east direction from capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. This field was discovered by Petrobangla in 1990. Total  recoverable gas reserves of this field re-estimated by Petrobangla is 345 billion cubic feet (BCF).  Commercial gas production was started in 1996 and till January 31, 2018 total 190.981 billion cubic feet or 55.356% percent of gas reserves has been recovered.


In January 2018, average 27.193 million cubic feet of gas is produced daily from 2(two) wells of the field  processing through a glycol dehydration process plant and supplied to TGTDCL system. About 44.29 bbls condensate is produced daily with gas as by-product. In January 2018, average condensate/gas ratio and water/gas ratio of this field are 1.628 and 1.0533 bbl/million cubic feet respectively. Condensate produced as by product of gas of this field is refined to the fractionation plant of Titas gas field.